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Episode 2: Christabelle Robinson

In this episode, we imagine freedom with Christabelle Robinson. Christabelle is the communications and media specialist for The Global Center on Human Trafficking, where she is involved in everything from…

STAC Blog Featured Image Trafficking in Retail Sector

Human Trafficking Signs in the Retail Sector

Human trafficking can happen in any work environment. That’s why all businesses should be proactive in learning about the signs of labor and sex trafficking. You never know who could walk through your doors – whether that’s a victim who needs assistance, or a dangerous trafficker who should be reported to law enforcement.

Liz Kimbel

Episode 1: Liz Kimbel

In this episode, we imagine freedom with Liz Kimbel, program specialist and board member at the Restoring Ivy Collective. She is a survivor advocate with the Global Center on Human…