LGBTQIA+ Communities and Human Trafficking

People who identify as LGBTQ+ can be especially vulnerable to human trafficking. From talking about the violence faced by LGBTQ+ people to delving into why so many cases of trafficking in this community go unreported, we want to draw attention to experiences that are specific to LGBTQ+ communities and highlight ways we can come together to make things better.

These resources are aimed at helping LGBTQ+ trafficking victims and survivors. These include resources for LGBTQ+ youth who may be experiencing trafficking or know someone who is, for service providers and criminal justice professionals so they can learn more about how to promote healing, and for LGBTQ+ community members and advocates so they can become even stronger allies in the fight against human trafficking.

We encourage you to read these posts and resources and share them with your networks. The more people learn about human trafficking of LGBTQ+ people, the better equipped we’ll all be to fight it.