Social Media Content & Promotional Support Materials


These shareable graphics are formatted to be compatible with most social media platforms. Graphics should always be accompanied by supporting text to provide additional information and context to users. This may include an overview of STAC’s services for survivors, training and education opportunities, phone number to call or text, human trafficking statistics, etc.   

Below are several caption examples:   

“STAC provides training and education on how to recognize, report and prevent human trafficking. Visit their website or call (850597-2080 to schedule a training session for your organization.”  

“Together, we can make a difference. [Agency/organization name] works with STAC to assist people who are at risk or victims of human trafficking. Visit STAC’s website or call/text to learn how you can help.” 

“[Agency/organization name] is doing our part to put an end to human trafficking by working with STAC and by learning how to recognize trafficking in our community. Visit STAC’s website to watch past training programs or call (850597-2080 to schedule a training tailored to your organization.” 

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Graphic 1
Sex and labor trafficking are happening in our community.

[Image collage]

STAC logo

Call or text us today: (850) 597-2080

Graphic 2
Working without pay? Forced to work or use your body?

[Image of woman looking down]

STAC logo

Call or text us today: (850) 597-2080

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