Local governments play an important and unique role in preventing human trafficking, supporting survivors, and bringing sex and labor traffickers to justice. Cities and county governments can take actions like making sure that key public-facing and other governmental staff or contractors who are inspectors, emergency responders, utility workers or those who are at or near homes and businesses are trained on how to recognize and respond to human trafficking. Local governments can provide local libraries with training and informational resources for the public as many who are vulnerable frequent libraries for online access and other services and assistance. Further, our cities and counties have ongoing and day-to-day roles in creating communities that are fortified against human trafficking. Governments can make sure that systems, laws and resources are in place that create and sustain vibrant economies and good paying jobs, that they allocate resources to protect vulnerable populations, and that they fund housing and other services that can eliminate economic insecurity among residents.

This Proclamation Template is an adaptable resource for any city or county to make their own. “10 Things Local Governments Can Do” is a starting list of ideas for local government action.

Local government leaders can ACT NOW to adopt these ideas and measures. Residents can petition leaders to act, by contacting them directly, speaking at local commission meetings, rallying support among their local civic or other organizations, and building a community that is both aware of human trafficking within its midst and knows how to respond to prevent it and support sex and labor trafficking survivors. We all have a role in ending human trafficking and it truly does take a village!