Imagine Freedom 2023: A Champagne Toast!

It was an honor to recognize the changemakers and those who have helped fortify our community against sex and labor trafficking at our Imagine Freedom event on Jan. 31, at Food Glorious Food. Together, we raised over $61,000! 

From enjoying trafficking-free food and beverages, to recognizing and thanking those in our community with the first annual “Imagine Freedom 2023 Gratitude Awards” and showing how everyone can get involved, it was a wonderful night with those who are dedicated to ending human trafficking in the Big Bend.

2023 Imagine Freedom Award Recipients:

  • Marsha Crowle, Capital City Bank
  • Suzanne Harrison, MD
  • Rick Minor, Leon County Commissioner
  • Associate Pastor Nick Quinton, Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Heidi Otway and Salter Mitchell PR
  • Pam Menendez, Lisa Coy and the USF Team

A very special thanks to local artist Ann Kozeliski for creating the beautiful Gratitude Award artwork. Each one was unique and truly special!

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Help End Human Trafficking


Human trafficking survivors need your support now more than ever. Since the onset of COVID-19, many people in our community have become more vulnerable.

Traffickers take advantage of people, especially when they are in dire need. They target vulnerable children and adults, with promises of housing, food, clothes, a good job, or love and attention – and then exploit or force them into sex and labor trafficking.

A referral agency of the National Human Trafficking Hotline, STAC provides support to survivors of sex and labor trafficking and teaches people how to recognize, report and prevent trafficking.

STAC walks with survivors to help them not only survive the traumas of trafficking but to rebuild their lives and to thrive.

Event Highlights