Telemedicine is accessible now more than ever due to COVID-19 and, like many technology innovations of 2020, this one is here to stay. This program will showcase realistic examples of how providers can recognize human trafficking in the healthcare setting, including telemedicine, and make safe referrals to community service providers. We will cover topics such as confidentiality, safety, building trust to ensure that the healthcare needs of patients are addressed, mandatory reporting, child welfare organizations, and how community members can support survivors’ physical and mental health needs during the pandemic and beyond. This program will benefit everyone, not just those in healthcare. Two hours of CEU’s for nursing are approved and we are seeking certification for other professions.

Presenters: Suzanne Harrison, MD, FAAFP, FAMWA FSU College of Medicine Director of Clinical Programs and Professor of Family Medicine and Rural Health; Graciela Marquina, MSW STAC Victim Assistance Director; Jasmeka McCord, MD Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital PGY-1 Resident; Robin Hassler Thompson, JD, MA STAC Executive Director.